Back to Manual Everything Camera

I have ‘transferrrrred’ my D2X to somebody who needs it more for making a living.

I am now left with my FM2N and 28 2.8 AIS. I think those two are all I need at the moment. Although I am drooooolllliiiingg to have this ….

In the past two weeks I also bought heaps of Xtol developer, stop bath, fixer and wetting agent, used stainless steel developing tank (small cap is missing. d*mn !), changing bag, a few reloadable 135 cartridges, 20 rolls of Tri-X, 100 ft of PanF, a bulk loader and a film retriever.

… by now you can see a newbie in this darkroom world…

I hope I will enjoy the slow and painful process of this new world…

The Grass On The Beach



It is so damn difficult not to talk about politics in the country I am currently living in. It was so absurd I can imagine other people form other countries find it totally unacceptable.

And it is only from the surface. It was only from the media who got the news from the lips of those who speaks biased by certain agendas.

I was committed enough not to include politics in this blog. But sometimes your head is so full of them you cannot avoid speaking about it.

Well if you happen to live in different countries most probably you would not understand this topic. You need to physically live here and read the day to day news to share the feelings…

Sorry for my rant. I guess I was right that I should not talk about it here.