Back to Manual Everything Camera

I have ‘transferrrrred’ my D2X to somebody who needs it more for making a living.

I am now left with my FM2N and 28 2.8 AIS. I think those two are all I need at the moment. Although I am drooooolllliiiingg to have this ….

In the past two weeks I also bought heaps of Xtol developer, stop bath, fixer and wetting agent, used stainless steel developing tank (small cap is missing. d*mn !), changing bag, a few reloadable 135 cartridges, 20 rolls of Tri-X, 100 ft of PanF, a bulk loader and a film retriever.

… by now you can see a newbie in this darkroom world…

I hope I will enjoy the slow and painful process of this new world…

Every Child Needs Sound Sleeps





all taken with D2X with AFD 50mm f1.4

Smell Of Afternoon Dew

Morning Dew

Taken with Tamron macro SP 90  2.8





Sunset in Bali – 1999

Bali 1999

Bali 1999

Negative Fujifilm Superia 100 (or 200); Nikkor 35-80 f4-5.6 on F50.

Orchid From The Past

Orchid, 2002

Orchid, 2002

B&W from CPL-ed RDPIII



 RDPIII from 28mm f2.8 AIS with circ. polarizer, scanned with Canoscan FS4000US