Adinda And Thalissa

We have two girls. The older one Adinda was born in December 2001, and Thalissa, born September 2004.

My wife was suffering for toxoplasma virus when she had Adinda. And ACA virus which caused her blood to thicken, making oxiygen supplies to the baby a bit slow. Daily injection of praxifarine to make here blood thinner was necessary on the three consecutive months before delivering Adinda.

I thank God that Adinda was born healthy, eventhough through caesarian surgery due to the umbilical cord was tangled to her neck.

Thalissa was less dramatic. It was until due time when she is just like that she wouldn’t see the world and the doctor had to decide to deliver the baby again through caesarian surgery. Thalissa was born September 2004.

Both of them now are healthy and have a lot of love from both of us. Of course every father and mother in the world wants to be the best dad and mom for their children. I personally often ask myself whether I have done the best for my children which I most of the time still feel that I have not. I only can ask God for providing wisdom in me so that I can be the dad my children will be proud of and can count on.

Please help me God.

Adinda And Thalissa Adinda And Thalissa, February 2007

In Mt. Buller

Icha  Dinda September 2007

20080102-_nat5871.jpg January 2008

20080308-march-08-2008-mlb-0006.jpg  20080308-march-08-2008-mlb-0007.jpg March 2008

December 2008 - helping granddad and grandmom

December 2008 - helping granddad and grandmom

4 Responses to Adinda And Thalissa

  1. poksy says:

    Hi, friend , You hve took very nice picture here, especialy children pictures. you got two very lovely dougther. And i have 3 doughter ( the young was Twins). same as you do, i took every moment of their growing age . i won”t let my self miss & regret, because time will never turn back. But still, we got all this picture to bring back the priceless memory . Thanks to the people who had creted this altimate mechine (camera) .
    And we should thanks God for all of this, and appriciate every moment everyday in our life…. Have a Good day !

  2. bellajournal says:

    Absolutely beautiful girls; you are a wonderful photographer! I wish I had a nice camera like that. Mine is okay, but definitely not that good 🙂 Your girls are going to have so many pictures to look back on when they are grown, they will love that. They are very lucky. Thank you for sharing. ~Bella

  3. siyu says:

    They are really lovely girls. Be proud of being their father. -)

  4. THALLYSSA says:


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