The Only Big Band

Last August I called an old friend of mine and got a surprise, “hey, I will perform my band next month, why don’t you come and have a look.” I did and I like the show. The band is a complete big band format with 5 various saxophones, 5 trumpets and 4 trombones naturally accompanied with piano, drum, rhythm guitar and bass. My friend is the director of the band. The show also includes their two fantastic singers who are also the member of the band.

I was quite lucky to be able to snap forbidden photos from my static location. It was somewhat a loud music, so my shutter noise did not disturb a bit. Three of the photos can be seen in previous post. I was using my 50mm and 17-35 zoom and forced to pump up my ISO to 500. I wish I had D3 or D700.

This band is probably the only big band in the city if not in the country. It is quite difficult to form a band with standard big band format that can stay alive for a long time. This band of friend of mine, called “Salamander” is not that old. They were only two years old this month. However, from different perspective, two years is not short, either. They have come a long way up to this remarkable point, and with their loyal members’ commitment ready for tough times ahead, they can walk very long in the future.

I was supposed to attend their second anniversary show last week. Unfortunately something came up and I ended up losing this opportunity to snap more pictures of them. Even more I was honored to be with them from the rehearsing time through the gig.

The next show is next month. I hope this time I will not miss the only big band in town. As my friend said, “there is a lot of other band called themselves big band, in reality they are band (that is) big”.

The Action

The Action


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