Street Photography ?

Street photography is very difficult. At least for me. You can snap a picture with your camera pointed to total stranger and hopeful that they can accept that. Probably they do. Probably not. One of the advice out there is to avoid eye contact. And my following example suits perfectly to adhere to that advice. By looking to the view point you know how I took this photo. See? I did not even dare to lift the camera to my eye and snapped. The camera was actually sitting on my lap when I pressed the shutter. Several attempts produced this image. Thanks to digital. Thanks to the little screen on the back of my camera.


Now that I put this image in this blog. What if the guy see this? Will he be angry his picture is out there in the net without his permission? What if he then sue me? What if… ? What if… ? Gee. Am I paranoid?

Merry Christmas, everybody..


2 Responses to Street Photography ?

  1. karlstad igår says:

    and thank you for publishing this beautiful picture!

  2. wildstorm says:

    Excellent. It’s difficult for me as well.

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