“Yep, Missed Those Events…”

Photographically, not much that I did for the last six months. I missed a lot of great events. Local football club celebrated their first winning in 34 years. Such a great atmosphere when all of the football enthusiasts flooded the city to watch the game and witnessed their team won and spent the whole weekend having such an extrodinary jubilation around the city. The activity, the uniform and all their other atributes as well as the emotion that radiated to the air would have given fantastic objects.

Missed that one.

The Airbus A380 visited the city a couple of weeks ago. It only spent one night before it flew again to Manilla. And I live only five kilometers from the airport. Would it be fantastic to sit just outside the border at the end of the runway and get the photo of the plane took off, don’t you think? I am a fan of aircraft technology and A380 is a truly the next big thing after the Boeing 747 and the Concorde back in 1960’s.

Missed that one as well.

Lunar eclipse. There is a lot of good spots here especially in the mountain that has relatively clean air where you will have more than great probability of taking picture of the eclipse successfully. That does not guarantee success, though. You still need to have a good degree of understanding on how to photograph night sky objects (that I am lack of, to be honest).

Missed that since I was not successful enough to obtain a tripod, at that time.

But despite the missed opportunities above, I did not miss any chance of photographing my kids. They grow up everyday. Everyday seems the same day, yet they are very different. I am grateful I am given such an opportunity of taking care of the children. And have the luxury of having them frozen in either film or jpeg file. As claimed early on in my blog, I am not a photographer. I am a father who photographs my kids. A lot.



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