The New E-3 from Olympus


Olympus just released their new E-3. Hurray. With their 4/3 system. The body mounted antishake undoubtedly is the only selling point they have. They claim the fastest autofocus in the world. Now that might be true, but in many of our heads, Nikon and Canon definetely own that teritorry. Live View? Probably a selling point, for bug shooters with macro lens.

Despite the ‘antishake’ and the ‘fastest AF in the world’ feature they are proud of, the price they set in USD 1500-ish only acknowledge that they realize the 4/3 sensor size just cannot match the APS-C format, let alone full frame. Olie realizes that 4/3 is a turn off. If I can go with a bigger sensor with the same price, can I get one good reason why I should go with smaller one?

In a glance :

Cool stuff: body image stabilizer (antishake), not too pricey (?). Turn Offs: 4/3 sensor size.

PS: Luminance Sensor is a nice small touch, though.


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