Nikon Is Better Than Canon


On the contrary to the public believes that Nikon will be faithful to DX format, finally Nikon announced full frame with their FX format (some says it is not full frame, but it’s near. In your good old days when you mounted your chrome you ended up sacrificing some area of your image anyway; when you printed your negative your one-hour-photo operator ended up cropping some part of your edges without you knowing it anyway).

That’s the good news: Nikon now offers full frame DSLR. Bad news is, they 5 (five) years behind Canon when it announced their first full frame 1Ds with almost the same megapixel size. Want another bad news? Nikon has not offered one market segment Canon has catered: prosumer full frame with their 5D. But never mind: better late than never.

Nikon’s been very successful at delivering the low end segment starting with the D70, D50 and D40(X). Now Nikon has to do their homework to play catch up with their top ends :

  • Increase megapixels to at least the same as Canon’s, with better image quality (high ISO performance, higher dynamic range). Although most of us now realize that pixel isn’t everything, but somebody feels that 16.6 still needs to be increased to 21.1 (guess what these numbers are, the above chart might help).
  • Introduce prosumer sibling for full frame wannahave who hates to lug D3 weight. They don’t need speed nor the second shutter. Same AF machine will be nice.

Beyond that, Nikon still has somehing to work on :

  • M8 is quite popular, despite its price. A segment is there, not for the M8, but the legendary lens available for them. And F-mount Zeiss is available to satisfy this market. So why not entertaining them?

With their long lens eventually adopting VR technology, there is little doubt that Nikon will better Canon in top of the lines sales for photojournalism industry. Only if they can do it quickly enough, though. That’s the hard part.

In the meantime, we’d like to see tradition that Nikon takes care of their traditional market, who are keen of using their FE and FM2. Too pricey for sentimental touch, don’t you think? Is Nikon resourceful enough to cater all of them?


2 Responses to Nikon Is Better Than Canon

  1. ben says:

    The D3 sales are quite remarkable. I don’t know why, but quite a bit of canon guys got converted, it must be the ISO, since ISO is everything for the canon dudes.

  2. looselens says:

    You can’t ask for more for D3 high ISO performance.

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