Lunch in Black And White


Last weekend we have a lunch with our lovely friends rather downtown in Brunswick. Every time I saw them I feel blessed that I have such wonderful friends. I am not very good at mingling with people, probably because of my limited english, but I have a wife who is wonderfully blending into the crowds. The lunch was fantastic, it was barbequed lamb, as fantastic as the atmosphere that surrounds it.

The living room we had the lunch is quite dim and only illuminated with dim warm lighting from the low ceiling kitchen and even less light for the living room. The activity is packed in the kitchen anyway so it helps a little bit as far as the lighting is concerned. Despite all that, I have to set the ISO up to 400 to get the appropriate speed with the lens set at maximum aperture.

I did not get my 50 f.14 nor 85 f1.4 since they will be too narrow. Therefore I equipped the D2X with the 17-35 f2.8 (still stay there since the snow trip). I was stucked with 2.8 all of the afternoon.

The result is quite okay, with blur here and there due to the movement of the subject. The static subjects are sharp enough considering handheld and without flash nor tripod. I could’ve used the SB800, but I don’t why it remains sitting useless in the shelf during since three months ago when we set foot to Down Under.

From the warm lighting that gave too much orange and reddish cast I decided that the picture is well worth translated to black and white. Did a bit of tweaking in lightroom with my limited knowledge about lightroom as well as black and white, I am pleased enough to see the result.



The Chef






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