D2X’s First Experience On Snow

The Mount


Last weekend was the first time I experienced the snow. Most of my life so far has been spent in Indonesia where snow is non existent, except in Papua Island where you can find it in the top of the mountain. So this first ‘encounter’ with the snow is quite a bit interesting. This will also be the first time for the kids. My wife saw snow before when she visited Europe quite a while ago, so this is not her first time.


The girls love it, although Thalissa is a bit scared of walking on the snow. It’s a bit slippery and ‘shaky’ compared to when you walked on solid ground like she used to. However when her sister started to throw a handful of snow to her dad, she followed by doing the same and began to enjoy the experience.


I took my D2X and AF-S 17-35 f2.8 with me. Shot RAW in a sunny day I was pleased to always set the ISO to 100, the aperture to f8 – f11 and still got generous 1/250 to 1/180 per second. Even on some instances faster than those.


Since I have not got my circular polarizer to go with my lens, the small aperture was handy enough to make the blue sky bluer. This was not without cost : I was shocked the blue sky and the small aperture combination really really really exaggerate my dust presence in my sensor!! It was plenty. I did know that this will give this effect. I just did not care enough to clean the damn thing quite regularly or at least before this special condition. You know, my usual subject usually require f2 or wider or at the most f5.6 with complex subject or background that a spot of sensor dust will not show at all.


In some cases I shot against the sun. It was clear that the sensor is not ‘wide’ enough to capture the shadow and the highlight in the same frame. The dark part then is ‘rescued’ using Lightroom.


All the pictures were taken with D2X + AF-S 17-35 f2.8. Location is Mt. Buller, Victoria, Australia.



 First Walks On The Snow






 First Snow Throwing





 “It’s okay to throw on Dad, but not on the camera, please..”






 A lady skier as seen from the lift





 I hope you would not find my sensor dust in this image




 Playing with the snow.

Auto white balance is not as accurate as I would expect from D2X. The snow supposed to be a bit ‘warm’ from the afternoon sun. But it’s so blue I needed to correct them to be as I remember seeing them.




Playing and posing.

The white balance has been changed a bit to be warmer.The original picture was so ‘cold’.




Our boots as seen from above during ski lift ride.




Nikkor 17-35 f2.8 AF-S



2 Responses to D2X’s First Experience On Snow

  1. chrisy yeong says:

    Very nice. I hope I have a change to shoot in winter . Your Nikon D2x is a very good and professional camera and can capture the detail as you can see the snow clearly

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