No Worries… No Dramas…

When driving to work this morning I thought I was still in my bed when I heard in the news radio that Russian president Mr. Vladimir Putin is visiting his counterpart Indonesian president Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on the way to APEC conference in Sydney, reportedly to discuss about the possibility of having agreement with Indonesian government on kilo class submarine sales to Indonesia. I am not expert on the kilo class submarine let alone how much kilo of rice that the people of Indonesia will have to grow and sell to pay for them. For whatever reasons they need to buy them.

The interesting part of this story is that there is an interview with a local Australian commentator — I am not sure I remember that his name was mentioned or I just missed that — that says that it should be perceived in such a way that with the presence of the new submarine it is required to compare what the submarine is capable of in terms of weaponry with the ones Australia’s is equipped with. It was said that Australian weaponry is still more superior however it will depend on the additional weaponry the Indonesian navy will install on those submarines.

I smell that there is still a ‘worry’ lingers in the message conveyed here.

Under any circumstances, there is no way Indonesia will head to head with Australia. Indonesia has already more than enough to worry about. And no money to do so, either. You know what, I would think that Australia should have no army at all. They have big brother — sitting in full of anxiety and energy ready to explode — just south of Canada that can take care of and defend Australian, especially after all the support Australian army provides in Iraq for American’s future oil and fuel supply security.

In Indonesia, for sure enemies are a lot more from within than from outside. Buying new submarines is all about somebody up there in the navy having the impulse to shop or got jealous seeing their partner with different uniform color having Sukhoi jets to play with. Or at least they have offer they cannot resist from Russian with their soft rubel.

So, in the ‘no worries’ culture, there is definetely nothing to be worried about. No worries. No dramas. Just eat your fish and chips peacefully.

Now back to photography… I need to clean my sensor in down under here in Melbourne. Any suggestion where I should go ?


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