Nikon D3X

When the D3 announced with 12 megapixels, and having learned that D40X followed D40, it was quite obvious that D3X will follow. It’s a new trend from Nikon.


  1. Twelve megs is ‘mediocre’. Canon released that ‘size’ ages ago.
  2. It’s only US$5000. Only slightly more expensive than D2X/s when it was newly released and far below Canon latest FF body. It is obvious that Nikon cannot / would not challenge Canon’s.
  3. No way Nikon will leave Canon unrivalled with their 20-something megapixels full frame. Nikon wants a portion of that cake, too !

Only time will tell.

In the meantime I think I will skip this D3 or the D3X. I am quite happy with my D2X and this D3/D3X is not in my dream.

Tell me what you think.



D2X In The Snow


2 Responses to Nikon D3X

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  2. ardaly says:

    hi, nice review. but I still want to get D3, since I’m using D100 & D70 ^_^;
    I’ve been waiting for the right camera for my next gear.

    What I like about D3 is the ISO, is not the px size, but check the highest ISO is, 200-6400!
    it can even blow to 24000~

    and see the result here, it’s going to blow you mind.


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