FM3D – waiting.. waiting.. waiting…

When will Nikon produce them …. ? I’ll trade in my D2X in no time…


16 MP


ISO 100 – 6400


And hopefully…… full frame !!

Better yet, I want the sensor not full frame, but full circle.


6 Responses to FM3D – waiting.. waiting.. waiting…

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  2. billitone says:

    Lemme know when it’s available for order…I want one too.

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  4. Pierre DARMANGEAT says:

    Good idea !

    Unfortunately, as we say in french : « Hope makes us live… » [ L’espoir fait vivre]

    But, why ISO 100 ? 50 should be better !

    Kind regards

  5. looselens says:

    I keep my eyes open, Pierre. It’s my dream !

  6. Michael says:

    Ever since I bought my D80 I’ve often thought about my FM3A sitting in the cupboard, with fustration and sadness. Once in a while I will go and dig it out, hold it, and relive some memories of taking photos of mountains in Tibet (too cold for the battery to work so guessing the meter readings and getting some amazing shots!), backpacking around china and in the hills of the UK. I have taken some great shots with it that I feel I really created because of the whole process of phototaking using a camera like this. But since getting the D80, my photography has taken another step forward, only because I don’t have to develop, select and scan each frame, which would sometimes take me a month to do properly from a couple of roles. For the last 2 years I’ve typed ‘digital back FM3A’ into google, and daydreamed for a bit. FM3D? funny without the Film advance lever, but I’d get one.

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