First Day of School

School 3

We are now in Melbourne and we have found a school for Adinda, who was five and a half years old. She was eligible to attend prep school in a local primary school near home. We chose this one since it’s the closest to our house.

The first day of school is always exciting. Will she cry and hold her mom’s shirt don’t want to let go? Will she be comfortable with new friends? With her teacher? Will she feel accepted by her new environment? Adinda was about to experience her first school in Melbourne, where the language is totally different from where she usually lives back home. And she has no english at all other than ‘thank you’, ‘how are you?’ and “I’m fine, thank you’. So her mom and dad were about to be prepared if the worst would happen. We would understand. We would have to understand.

When the day came we were more nervous than Adinda. It was a partial relief for us. Adinda was enjoying having her clothes prepared, lunch prepared and her shoes as well by her mother. She has not had the uniform yet. She expected to have them in a few days when the uniform arrives at school. Hopefully in two or three days she will wear her new uniform to school.

It was very surprising that she had no trouble at all in her first day. She made friends (thanks to fantastic girls there who are very friendly to Adinda). Her mom was accompanying her in the first day, just to give a bit of assurance that she is not alone while she only has limited friends in the class.

The first week went smoothly, her mom let her by herself by the second day.

But did you ever feel still not convinced that she really enjoying her school in the first days? I have that doubt. What if Adinda feel distressed but unable to speak out to us? What if she was too afraid of talking to us that she is not happy at school? And I have other several ifs.

I talked to her in her most convenient timing expecting honest and open answer from her about whether she’s having trouble at school at all? She responds that she’s happy with her new school and I can tell that she really meant it. I feel she is okay with her new environment. I also watch her every morning, she is quite happy to start the day thinking of going to school. It was the real relief.

The pictures below are her fourth week at school. She got the uniform already and she is very proud wearing them every morning during the week.

School 22 Wear her socks on

School 4 Take on her shoes

School 2 Ready for school


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