The First Two Months (1)

Melbourne By Dusk

It’s been a while since I updated this blog.
Not that my temporary relocation to Melbourne has caused me time to put updates, it’s just me feeling I haven’t got the right subject to be blogged in.

Our moving to downunder was okay. The kids were okay, too. Strange enough we heard from almost everybody here that there was no rain for a quite number of months here. Dry. We came in Thursday May 31 morning and the afternoon it was pouring like tropical rains. The rain comes more and more during the first two months we’re here. It’s a bit cold during this time of the year, though. The weather can be — as they say — cold ‘n wet ‘n miserable.

My photography is then about kids all the time. Like it was easily predicted, only times when I go out with the kids and their mom I then am able to bring my camera. So 95% of my pictures are with the kids in it.

Twelve Apostles


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