Full Frame vs. APS-C (And Beyond)

Yes it has been the second biggest debate. The first one of course the Nikon vs Canon debate. Probably the third one is Leica vs. non Leica. Full frame vs. APS-C size sensor has been now the hot topic in most of the photography forums.

I am myself a Nikon user and today I am waiting for two things that comes from Nikon :
1) Full frame sensor
2) Full frame sensor in a FM3a body style with manual control.
Give me number 2 and I am in heaven.

For myself the 35mm shooter, full frame sensor is undoubtedly the format that I am used to. I was ‘trained’ to use all the area of that size and when somebody from Nikon cut them, I feel circumsized. I ‘want’ to utilize all the size that my lens are capable of covering.

But as they say in the internet, manufacturing larger sensor means higher price. I am neither a manufacturing expert nor a sensor expert, but it is only logical that bigger 24 c gold plate is more expensive than the smaller one (what an ugly analogy, isn’t it?). But what if the high cost can be offset with another camera feature without sacrificing that particular feature? Cut the manufacturing cost of other area and save the money for the bigger sensor.

Sorry for being blunt: I am not talking about full frame sensor. I am talking about beyond that. It’s round sensor. Yes, with round sensor (if they can make it), a DSLR will not need vertical grip. No MBD-200 for D200 required. Even the D2Xs can be cut in the bottom to delete the second shutter release button and its unnecessary comand dial. The whole bottom portion can be cut. Remember that I hate my D2X that much because of the weight and size. Now we can cut the weight and size down. Of course the challenge for the D2X is to have battery that last as long with smaller dimension, but that’s another topic.

Round Sensor

By having round sensor, you would not need to think at first whether a picture should be taken in vertical or landscape format. You just need to press the button. Your picture will initially look funny at your computer screen. Then it is up to you to decide whether you will have it in square format or rectangular. Or leave it round !

For sure if it is not much to ask to the camera software engineer, the camera will include various formats that you can choose from (square, rectangular landscape, rectangular vertical, panorama landscape, panorama vertical, etc) or just capture in round as RAW !

Nikon D2X

D2X without the vertical shutter release button — I’ll love my D2X even more !!


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