One Year Assignment and Equipment To Bring

Now I am in the process of temporarily relocating to Melbourne Australia for one year. I have an assignment from my company to work there in a sister company. The challenge is that we need to bring the kids with us. So it involves finding a house and school. I am very lucky that someone in Melbourne is looking for a house for us, so we do no need to guessing which house is suitable for us and in a reasonably good neighborhood. They looked for a house which is near a kindergarten for our girls and also near to shopping area where my wife can go shopping without having to travel to downtown.

They finally found a house meets those criteria. We have not find any school yet, as we planned to look for one that is suitable for the girls. We will allocate probably two or three days finding them. Language will be their first challenge to deal with, so I hope they are confident enough with their english. They are raised in their mother language, of course. But during school they are exposed to little english so they understand one or two words. Any idea on handling this kind of situation is very appreciated.

Now back to photography. For sure I will bring my trusty D2X and a couple of lenses (50 1.4; 85 1.4; 17-35 2.8; Tamron 90 2.8 Di, and 28 2.8 AIS). Most probably I will shoot digital 99.9%. I will also bring my second love FM2n, and it will couple forever with the 28 2.8 AIS. I do not know where I will buy films in Melbourne yet (any idea?), but probably I will load them with B/W. Any recommendation where should I buy them?

Since space is restricted, I have a dillema if I should bring along my clumsy tripod (SLIK 9000). Probably I just do my entire shot handheld? Any strong reason that I should bring my SLIK?

PS : Darn I have not got the 30 1.4 !!


One Response to One Year Assignment and Equipment To Bring

  1. Evy says:

    the kids will learning fast, u need to be active at school, keep them on the camp too, more activity with their friends, in a year u will surprise they will left u behind…hihihi, enjoy the moving and new place 🙂

    Thank you for your advice, my new friend. I sometimes underestimate kids, and find out later on that they are stronger than I am. I agree with you – I shouldn’t worry too much about it.

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