The Cookie and The Lens

As of I am writing this, my wife and my five year-old daughter are making ‘lebaran’ cookies. Well, you can say that my wife is making them and my daugther is ‘helping’ her. Lebaran cookies are cookies (of course) that is normally served for guests during lebaran festive season when people are paying visits to their relatives and friends. In this yearly event we usually do that for asking forgiveness from relatives and friends for all our mistakes during the past year (so the following year we have an empty ‘mistake glass’ that we can refill again).

Nastar Cookie

The cookies usually comes in many types and flavour. But the most popular one is the ‘nastar’, which is rather sweet cookies with pineaple jam in it. The shape is sort of round as big as your thumb (hopefully your thumb is not too big). The other more popular than nastar is cheese cookie, or we call it here kaastengels (my apology that probably the spelling is not correct, it’s dutch). The shape is like cylinder with diameter of 0.8-1 cm and 2-3 cm long. So it is about as big as your little finger. During lebaran every household is making them. But nowadays more and more people are buying them.

This time of the year it is not lebaran season yet, nor approaching it. But the cookie is very good so my wife decided to make them during this weekend. My older daughter loves the nastar. Her little sister loves the kaastengels.

Nastar Cookies

My daughther is helping her mom on the last process before the cake tray goes to oven. She is layering the top of the nastar with egg yolk. This egg yolk thin layer will make the cake look browny and shiny after being baked.

I myself do not know the recipe let alone how to make them. If you are interested, please give me a note so I can ask my wife. She told me before that it is not difficult.

I include the picture of the ‘nastar’ and how my daughter helped her mom. The pictures were taken with D2X with 28mm f2.8 AIS lens, both of them shot @f/2.8 thus the shallow depth of field, especially in the nastar shot where focus is very close (near the closest focus of the lens: 20 cm).

I love the cookies as much as I love the lens.

Helping Mom


One Response to The Cookie and The Lens

  1. Erl Houston says:

    The photograph of your daughter layering the cookies with the brush is beautiful. It has a timeless look and feel with a bit of playfulness helped by the spongebob pajamas. I enjoyed visiting your site and wish you the best in your relocation to Australia. Your children are about the same ages as my sons; it is wonderful to be a father.

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