Another Weekend


Another weekend. Another outing with the kids. This weekend (April 28), we were in Bandung, a smaller city and supposed to be less hectic than Jakarta, where Jakarta people looove to visit during the weekend. Not surprisingly enough during each weekend hectic is the least to say about Bandung. And I am one of the contributor to this ‘hecticness’, since I live in Jakarta and sometimes go to Bandung during weekend. However I have less guilty feeling since 1) my car has Bandung license number and 2) my parents live in Bandung. So I have the privillege of having less guilt of being in Bandung where Bandung people want people like myself to stay out of their city.

There’s a lot of things to do in Bandung. Shopping clothings is one of them. Heaps of what they call factory outlets where cheap clothings are always for sale. They sell shirts, t-shirts, jeans, for adults and kids, for men and women. Funny thing is many of those shops buy the clothings from wholesale dealers in Jakarta and brought them to Bandung to be sold to Jakarta people who come to Bandung. Go figure.

This weekend we were not shopping cloths. Honestly we have not done that for a quite long time. This weekend we were going to a shopping mall where there is kid entertainment center inside the building. The kids were happy. And I had a lot of fun myself.

I equipped myself with my trusty (my only one, actually) D2X. And this weekend I coupled it with my Nikkor 50mm f1.4D. My 85mm seems too long since it will be indoor, and I will be in a close distance to my kids. Honestly 30mm or less should be perfect. But I left my 28mm 2.8 AIS back home in Jakarta. And 2.8 seems not fast enough. And I have not got that wonderful not-a-Nikkor 30 f1.4 yet.

I set the ISO constantly at 800. I shot JPEG and tweak the photo in my Lghtroom v1.0 trial version. I love this software. And I left the aperture at f2.2 to have better speed. I avoided using 1.4 to keep DOF reasonable, since many of my shot were close distance.


One Response to Another Weekend

  1. tukangmoto says:

    BSM ya pak ??

    hmm.. lensa yang kita gunakan sama tuh. Foto2 yang bagus.. o iya disana ada bokeh-bokeh dari lampu warna-warni yang cukup menawan .

    salam kenal

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