Strawberry Fields

Last weekend we went to Lembang, a small town near Bandung which is famous for its plantation areas. Numerous of crops are grown by local farmers. This area is the main source for vegetables supply for Bandung and Jakarta, the largest city in Indonesia.

One phenomenon that has only been nourishing since a couple of years ago is the presence of more and more of strawberry plantations. A lot of small gardens and vegetable fields have been converted to strawberry fields. The product is then sold either for retail market in Jakarta and Bandung, or being sold directly to the customers in the plantation itself.

The interesting thing about the plantation is that besides it functions as the production fields, it also serves as attraction for the tourists that usually flood the area during weekends and holiday seasons. The attraction is mainly for children and the family. They can come and picking up the fruit themselves either for consumption at the site or for taken away.

With a mere charge of slightly less than US$ 6 per kilo, they can bring home as much as they want.

The tourists usually come in large number in weekends, so beware of you plan to visit such plantation after the weekend, the fruit might be sold out.

PS: The above image was taken with Nikon D2X + Nikkor 85mm f1.4 AFD


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