Mobile Phone

The mobile phones popularity has been able to penetrate to all kind of people. It was less than twelve years ago when mobile phones were only possessed by certain level of people in the society. Young executives and business persons are the early user of this communication gadget. Nowadays everybody has at least one. Well not everyone verbatim, but if you go to a church or a mosque, you can bet that more than 80% in that church or mosque has one.

What considered as luxury now becomes a necessity. And reportedly the number keep rapidly increasing every year. This has caused a wide spread small business enterprises selling new numbers and vouchers of prepaid SIM cards. These vendors are everywhere alongside the small or busy roads, just like I snapped this morning: an advertisement board of a small vendor with prices of top off voucher prepaid cards.

PS: The above picture was taken using Nikon D2X with Nikkor 85mm f1.4 AFD.


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