Bemo is a three wheeled car produced by Daihatsu from 1957 to 1972. It has air-cooled two stroke 305 cc engine which produce about 12 hp. The vehicles were imported to Indonesia to be used for public transportation. And they serve the society quite remarkably.

Originally Bemo was designed with pickup configuration for transporting merchandise or supplies. In Indonesia this vehicle is converted into public transportation by fitting in two benches in the rear deck, each bench is sufficient for three passengers. Therefore fully loaded the rear deck will accommodate six passengers. This rear deck then is covered by vynil laminated thick denim cloth supported by light steel frame structure to protect the passengers from the heat of the sun and rain. One passenger can sit in the front cabin next to the driver.

It is well accepted as economic-down-to-earth public transportation that commute workers to their workplace, students to their schools, and housewives to a nearest traditional market for shopping every day’s essentials.

Today (yes, today, as of 2007), we can still see Bemo running in a very few trajectory in Jakarta and Bandung. Despite that they were manufactured about four decades ago, they are still running very well. This is due to simplicity of the engine configuration that makes it easy for everybody to fix. This vehicle is also characterized by their distinctive two stroke engine very loud noise in acceleration and sometimes heavy pollution their exhaust pipe produces.

Today luckily I snap one picture of Bemo while commuting from home to work. I will keep my eyes open to get more picture of this wonderful machine.

PS: The above image was taken with Nikon D2X with Nikkor 85 f1.4 ISO 100. Aperture used was 2.


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