Nikon vs. Canon Debate

This is everywhere. It always exists almost in every photography forum. Nikon user thinks that Nikon equipment is better because they think that … Nikon equipment is better. Canon user thinks it is the other way around. It’s rather funny although sometimes just makes me laugh of this meaningless debate.

But sometimes I look at it very differently.

Both users naturally think – or at least have to say eventhough they think otherwise – that their equipments perform better than the other guy with different brand. They simply eventually have to rationalize after the fact that they have made the right decision on the equipment purchase. If somebody acknowledges that the other brand perform better than what they have, then it will be an adequate validation that his DECISION to invest heaps of equipment has been wrong. Now THAT’s the more difficult part to deal with.

If the person happened to have freedom to purchase more than two different large scale systems at the same time and uses whichever he likes to use, then it will be a less problematic. He or she just can simply say in such debate that each brand has characteristic and he owns both systems so in a particular event he can use whichever system that he thinks will suit the situation better. The same also applies if the person can switch back and forth between systems.

But that’s not typical everybody.

The concern here is when somebody named John Smith with limited income with even more limited budget has invested in a relatively extensive system for a quite a long period of time. Can he compromise with his fair judgement that says truthfully to him that the other brand will suit him better? Switching system is definetely a painful and expensive process. At least for the smiths. And majority of the people in the world has ‘Smith’ on his name.

So it is not a matter of the brand itself. It’s a matter of intellectual pride (frankly I am not sure what I think is represented well enough in this word, mind my vocabulary). It’s about – ‘I am of course has been right in my decisions, especially in choosing which system’ – thing. We just are not ready with the fact that we admit that we were wrong in our decision.

But in a more light approach to such debates, it is also always true that everybody has ‘more than average’ passion and enthusiasm about talking about the equipment he uses, especially equipments he uses for his hobby.


One Response to Nikon vs. Canon Debate

  1. Rick Rouse says:

    I think you’re absolutely right in your analysis. When I went shopping for my first DSLR, the folks at Ritz Camera explained that for all intents and purposes my budget left me with a choice between a Nikon D50 and a Canon XT. I opted for the Nikon and I couldn’t be happier, but I see some pretty darn amazing images that were taken with the XT as well. I think it all boils down to what he have and what we’re familiar with.

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