Black And White Photography

I have mix feelings about this film. I love black and white pictures. The absence of color forces the viewer to focus on the content. Focus on the event being taken in the photograph. The lack of colors makes the picture will only be judged by the presence of two dimensional form – that telling you the whole story – constructed by the combination of black and white and millions shades of grey between them.

I do not have the expertise of processing the black and white films. I did not start early enough on photography to learn it. By the time I discovered photography I was flooded with other priorities that makes home film processing is not even in the top ten list.

I have shot some black and white films. But I feel that the result is not even close to what I feel as good result, since it was processed by somebody else. And printed by somebody else. No way that I can get a grasp whether it is good enough. It is harder and harder to find good processing lab nowadays, and if you can find one that seemingly a good one, it will charge you dearly.

Most of the black and white picture that I printe

d or show in the net is based on color media. That can be from scanned print or slide film, or from digital capture with my digital camera.

I feel that I have total control on what I expect with the end result when I processed my own black and white in front of my computer screen.

Some people will argue that converting black and white from color digitally through image manipulation software is not even close to traditional film processing black and white. I am not even sure how they define ‘close’ in this respect. I cannot argue to that statement, though, mainly due to that I do not have any experience with the traditional black and white.

So far I am happy with my own black and white.


The top image above was made with Nikon FM2n with Nikkor 28mm 2.8 AIS lens using Kodak T400CN.

The image below it was made with Nikon D2X with Nikkor 50 1.4 AF-D converted from color to B&W.


One Response to Black And White Photography

  1. Andri Wibowo says:

    dulu saya kepincut sama D70, tapi pas mau convert ke B/W kok susah bgt mendekati hasil B/W dari film yang discan (baik dari cetakan maupun film).

    dari situ akhirnya saya balik lagi pake film dan belajar proses film 😀

    scan saya pake scan abal2 Pak, canon flatbed. Ya tinggal di maen2kan di ps biar kira2 sama dengan hasil yang dibayangkan. memang gak selamanya berhasil 😦

    btw, klo saya senengnya menikmati foto cetakan, cuma sayang sekarang susah mo nyetak film, terutama b/w

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