Nikkor AF-S 17 – 35 f2.8 IF-ED

I cannot say anything about this lens. In my F80 and FM2 it produces astonishingly wide angle of view that I have never experience before. In my D2x it produces the moderately adequate wide angle to less than expected moderate tele. I need to upgrade to AFS DX 17-55 f2.8 sometime for my D2x. I will still need this one for my film camera, though.In my D2x it balances very nicely. With my F80 with battery grip MB-16 it gives acceptable balance. Attached to my FM2n it feels awkward. The combo is just not balanced right. Probably it will feel better if you attached MD-12 to your FM2n.

There are a lot of sites there talking about sharpness of this lens.

PS: The two images above were made using Nikon FM2N with Nikkor AF-S 17-35 f2.8. Film used was Provia 100F, modified digitally.


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