Nikkor Manual Focus 28mm f2.8 AIS


I looove this lens.

Attached to my FM2n makes them a perfect combo. The angle is just perfect. I use this a lot for traveling. Load it with slide film and attach the circular polarizer in front and I am in heaven.

I bought this used since at that time I need wide angle lens. Research research research in the internet and I found this lens.

I was tempted to buy this new. But since my wallet was not in good shape at that time I have to accept this. And I do not regret a bit. The only minor issue from the one I got is that the focus ring is no longer smooth. Sometimes it produces squeaky noise which I suspect due to lack or insufficient of lubricant. Other than that it works perfectly.

The very neat thing about this lens is the ability of close focusing down to 0.2 meter. Which is cool.

I made a lot of nice pictures with this lens. It certainly does have a high place inside my inventory.

PS: Image above was made using Nikon FM2N with Nikkor 28mm f2.8 AIS. Film was Provia 100F, or Velvia 50(?). Scanned with film scanner Canoscan FS4000US.



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