Flash Metz 70 MZ-5

This is hammer head type flash made by Metz. Their flagship.

I coupled to my F80 using the SCA3402 which is required to enable TTL functionality of the F80. Without it, it can only use the manual mode and the automatic mode by setting the lens aperture data on the flash.

I love this beast. It deliver consistent flash output everytime. German technology. I bought this type since I also used their smallest version Metz 28 C2, which matches perfectly on my FM2n.

The guide number of this flash is enormous. Not the biggest one in their line up (I think the biggest one is the model 60CT-4) but this one already gives more than enough. Actually the model has two flashes. On top the bigger is the primary one, and the smaller one below it. If we bounce, the small flash can act as fill. Cool !!

This flash is powered by NiCd battery which is kept in the bottom of the handle.

But it’s heavy. That’s all the drawback, if you do not consider NiCd battery as the other drawback.

After quitting the wedding photography, I sold this one and replace it with small Nikon speedlights SB-800. This one is also cool…. if you have more than two.

PS: The image above was made using Nikon F80 with Tamron 70-300 f4-5.6 LD. Film was Kodak Proimage 100.


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