Greetings. I am a husband and father of two in late thirty and living in a very big country (area-wise). By reading this blog you especially who was born with english native language will instantly notice that I come from a part of the world where english is not the primary language, to say the least. So I hope you don’t mind if my english seems a little bit strange, or simply wrong grammatically.

Nowadays everybody makes a blog. The world is full of them. I don’t know why the world needs another one. As if there is not enough newspaper to read. But I think that to just add a grain of sand in the beach will not hurt anybody.

What this blog is all about ?
Well, it’s about my life, primarily. I can’t talk about someone else’s story. So the easiest way to fill this up is to tell mine. I will not rant about my job. Although like most of the job in the world is ‘rantable’ I do no think it is ethical to do it here in blog. No point either. I’d rather talk to my supervisor directly instead.

I will talk a lot about my photography. I am not like the other professional photographer who knows almost everything about what they are doing related to their photography. I know only a little. But I will talk much. Imagine that.

I will also post some photographs which I think are worth to show here. It does not mean that they will be good technically nor esthetically. To be honest, I am not there yet.

I will leave equipment review to the espert like Thom or Ken or Bjorn. But I will leave some notes here and there about what I feel about some equipment. Purely my opinion.

I also will talk a little bit about my kids. They’re great kids. I love them. That’s why I photograph them a lot. Hell of a lot.

Well, enjoy if you can. If you have some feedback, please feel free to give comments.

Thank you for visiting.

PS: The above image was made using Nikon F80 with Nikkor 50mm f1.4 AF-D. Film was Kodak T400CN.


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